Combine the strengths of different CDNs with a multi-CDN. Extend your global reach, achieve 100% uptime, reduce loading times and save costs.

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One platform for All

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Worldwide Coverage

Connect to users all over the world with various choices of CDNs.

Feature Specialization

Leverage each CDN’s specialized feature, such as DDoS protection and Optimized Mainland China acceleration, to build a comprehensive content delivery strategy.


Create a setup by routing traffic to the cost-efficient CDN based on time of day, peak/non-peak periods, country/region or traffic type.

reduce loading time

Enhanced Performance

Use each CDN’s content delivery specialization (e.g. VOD, gaming, downloading, etc.) to reduce loading time. Accelerate your site by routing traffic to the CDN with the lowest latency.

Increased Capacity

Handle peak periods and traffic surges by routing traffic to CDNs with redundancy. Prevent network bottlenecks by distributing traffic load between multiple CDNs.

100% Availability

Eliminate any one CDN as a single point of failure. Route traffic to other CDNs in the event of an outage.

More Secure Network

Reduce the risk from a compromised CDN with multiple CDNs. Mitigate DDoS attacks by diverting traffic to available CDNs.