Who Will Benefit?

Multi-CDNs benefit websites with high throughput. Whether you are a new CDN user or looking to expand your current setup, a multi-CDN can help you.


If you are new to CDNs, unsure of what is available in the market, or need advice on which setup is best for your business, we can help you navigate the CDN landscape.


Edgejoint offers over ten CDN providers in four major categories. You can subscribe directly to your preferred CDN through Edgejoint and manage it on our all-in-one platform.


If you are expanding your business, looking to broaden your content reach or wish to optimize your content delivery strategy, we can help you. Bring your existing CDN, set it up on our platform and leverage our other offerings to build your own multi-CDN.

Different Industries

A multi-CDN approach is highly beneficial for websites that require high availability and throughput. These include:


Secure your site from network outages to ensure seamless user experience. Never encounter another interrupted transaction again.

Online Gaming

Create a smooth gaming experience with abundant bandwidth and 100% uptime guarantee from a multi-CDN.

Media & Streaming

Deliver high-quality media and live streams with the global reach and massive storage capacity of a multi-CDN.

Internet & Software Companies

Ensure a speedy rollout of your latest software or updates with the extensive network of a multi-CDN.

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